Children & Youth


We offer Sunday School to two groups on Sunday mornings.  Children from about 3 to 10 are taught using the Godly Play curriculum.  This is a hands-on curriculum which uses stories from Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament to engage the children in questions and discussions about God and Jesus. For more information about Godly Play please visit the Godly Play website.

Children aged 11 and older  participate in the Episcopal Curriculum for Youtha thematic program developed by the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

High School youth  participate in  PeaceJam which focuses on learning about the  Nobel Peace Prize laureates and guiding students in choosing and implementing a service project. .They also participate in Living Compass, a curriculum that supports teens in looking at the many decisions they make in their daily lives and evaluating if the decisions they make help them realize the abundant life God wants for them. 

The children  join in the 10:30 service on the last Sunday of each month, participating in the sermon, choir and the readings!

For further information, please contact Christy Schaad,



Labyrinth field trip ice cream
Labyrinth fieldtrip