Let Your Voice Be Heard!

In 2015  the congregation of St. Laurence participatedin the Renewal Works process in an effort to support our parish members on their journeys to determine what God’s purpose is for them. This effort was a serious and focused one involving almost all congregants. A guiding principle was that ALL VOICES WILL BE HEARD.

Some of the steps taken were:

  • Completion by 65 congregants of the Episcopal Spiritual Life Inventory, a data tool which resulted in a comprehensive data based profileof our church’s spiritual health and opportunities to deepen its relationships with God
  • Participation by 16-20 members of the church in a series of four intensive workshops focussed on analysis of the data as well as identification of best practice principles to support individuals on their spiritual journeys. 
  • Production of a report of recommendations by a subgroup of the workshop participants. This report was approved by all workshop participants and also the Vestry.
  • Multiple meeting of a core group of lay leaders to plan for further involvement of the full congregation.
  • Full congregation meeting to prioritize recommendations for different activities and cultural changes that will support spiritual renewal and an opportunity to get closer to God and Christ. 

For more information about Renewal Works, please contact Joyce Conrey joyce1.conrey@gmail.com

Results of the Episcopal Spiritual Life Inventory

Renewal Works report from the workshop participants and approved by the vestry.