Serving in our Community

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Outreach at St. Laurence

The outreach work done by St. Laurence's started almost when the church was formed in 1977. Originally food was given to those in need from church member's homes. An Outreach committee was formed and, as St. Laurence's grew, so did its Outreach work.

Mountain Resource Center

Today, in conjunction with the Mountain Resource Center (MRC), we help people throughout the year, with food, utilities, wood for heat, and occasionally an odd request. Every Thanksgiving, we work with a number of other organizations to deliver holiday food and presents to over 150 families in need in the community.

For many years, St. Laurence operated a food pantry onsite. Clients were referred to us from the Mountain Resource Center.  In September 2011, our pantry moved up to the MRC building.  The pantry space at St. Laurence is now storage for the MRC Pantry.  This change enabled clients to get food more efficiently and increased the visibility of the pantry.  St. Laurence continues to offer a firewood ministry to the community.  The MRC refers those clients to us.

St. Laurence also makes a monthly cash donation of MRC of several hundred dollars. Since this contribution is not earmarked for specific uses, the staff at MRC can use this contribution to meet immediate needs as it sees fit. For more information about MRC and the pantry ministry, please contact Christy Cragin


Woodchuck Ministry

The Woodchuck Ministry serves the community by gathering and preparing firewood that the Mountain Resource Center provides to families in need.  St. Laurence has a sizable woodlot and a wood splitter where fire wood is kept.  During the Summer and Fall months volunteers go out to landowners who have offer wood and bring it in to the lot.  There they have weekend work sessions cutting, splitting and stacking wood in standard sizes for clients to pick up and use.  Throughout the Winter, the MRC sends clients over to pick up loads in their own vehicles.  Clients are allowed to take about a standard pickup load to the height of the bed walls, or a large trunk load.  Normally, one load is allowed per season.  This Ministry serves several purposes: 1) it provides heat to families in need, 2) it helps manage forest fuels in the community, and 3) it is a great team activity for volunteers filling a great community need. The coordinator for the Woodchuck Ministry is Stan Johnston. He can be reached at 303-910-6164 or

Join Us in Serving

Outreach efforts are overseen by the Outreach Planning Group. For more information, please call the church at 303-838-2457.